Important Information Regarding Services From April 8th and Onwards

Last Update: April 16, 2021

Changes to the Stay at Home order announced on Friday, April 16, 2021 do not affect Businesses Permitted to Be Open, including Pet Training, so at this time, the information below we issued on April 8th remain in effect:


Guidance regarding the 4-week Province-Wide “Stay at Home” order indicates that Pet Services including Training (and Service Dog Training) are Essential, therefore continuing on since April 8, all our services are operational.

Please don’t delay if you want to secure spots for in-person classes as many of our locations are close to capacity or are already full.

Please note that effective April 12, 2021, in direct response to the rising Covid-19 cases in the regions we operate, we will be limiting the number of humans per dog to 1 Adult, who may if needed bring up to 1 Child, aged twelve or under to class. This reduces the number of people breathing in our classroom, which makes it safer for both you and us.

When Hounds Fly is dedicated to maintaining accessibility in the classroom. Primary trainers are welcome to bring one support person with them to class if required for safety, disability, or accessibility reasons. Examples of such include but are not limited to, aides for mobility, communication, and medical needs.

As always, we prioritize students who go straight to the admissions process. General inquiries will take longer to respond to due to the increased volume we are currently facing. Thank you for taking advantage of all our self-service options.


The new “Emergency Brake” public health tool to allow a region to rapidly be returned to a full shutdown introduces a new challenge for our ability to plan ahead and remain viable. What this means is on a moment’s notice, everyone should expect that Toronto may quickly return to a full lockdown, and our group classes and in-person lessons may need to be cancelled abruptly.

Because of the uncertainty regarding the deployment of the Emergency Brake, and unknowns regarding potential spikes in Covid-19 and ICU numbers in Toronto, we are consolidating existing policies under our new “Ride or Die” Student Policy:

“Ride or Die” Student Policy

The term “Ride or Die” describes a person or partner that is willing to stick with you no matter how difficult the circumstances might be. We’re asking students to be When Hounds Fly “Ride or Die” as we do our very best to navigate uncertain operating conditions.

Students registering for in-person group classes or private lessons acknowledge that the possibility of federal, provincial, or municipal rules and regulations changing such that the conditions in which we offer these classes and lessons may change with little to no notice.

Specifically, to reiterate our existing No Refunds policy (which we have had in place since March 2020), we will not entertain refund requests for group classes or private lessons just because operating conditions imposed upon us prevent us from delivering in this format. Our expectation is our students will pivot along with us back to the Virtual Zoom classroom or other service delivery options that are permissible based on government restrictions at the time.

When Hounds Fly’s Current Services

Currently as of March 8, 2021

Indoor In-Person Group Classes resume at all three of our locations. Virtual Classes on Zoom will continue to be scheduled indefinitely to serve our students who need to self-isolate, are vulnerable, prefer Virtual, or are remote.

Indoor Puppy Parties resume with a maximum of 5 puppies, accompanied by up to 1 human owners. Outdoor Puppy Group Walks already on schedule are being converted into Indoor Puppy Parties. We will add additional Indoor Puppy Parties based on demand. Puppy Parties have and continue to cost 0.5 credits per attendance.

1-on-1 Private Lessons can now be conducted indoors at our facilities, subject to availability, while following our Covid-19 Re-Opening Rules.

When to Book:

Admissions are open now for both our existing Virtual Options and our anticipated Brick-and-Mortar Options.

On Tuesday, February 16th by 12:00PM, both our In-Person Brick and Mortar and Virtual Class calendars will be updated for March and April to reflect our return to in-person classes. Specifically, we will increase In-Person capacity for March 8 onwards. 

We encourage all students to update their bookings earlier as that helps us with planning (i.e. if you intend to switch from Virtual to In-Person, please do it quickly to avoid disappointment and to help us with capacity planning).

Covid-19 Policies and Procedures

Please take a moment to refresh your memory (or review it for the first time!) and read our Covid-19 / Classroom Re-Opening Rules and Regulations here:

While we’re glad we’ve been able to coach you Virtually, we are really excited about seeing you in-person at our facilities once again.

Thank you for supporting us – we have your back through thick and thin.

Andre Yeu
When Hounds Fly

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