Puppy Agility Toronto

Puppy Gym: Agility Foundations

Puppy Gym is a pre-agility sports foundation class geared towards younger dogs. Students will learn how to increase their dog’s confidence on puppy-safe equipment, teaching body awareness and foundation behaviours for dog sports.

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This class is a single module, designed to be able to be taken repeatedly as your puppy advances through each station.

Stations include:

  • Balancing exercises on wobble boards, teeter boards, and inflatables
  • Limb awareness exercises, such as 4-paws-in-a-box and pivot platform
  • Wrapping a cone (foundation behaviour for agility)
  • Restrained recalls and building interest in toys


Your dog must be at least 4 months of age, and have their Rabies vaccination.
There is no maximum age… Puppy Gym is not just for puppies! Exercises will be modified to the age and comfort level of your dog.

Please note that this class is only offered students who have completed Puppy Start Right or have taken at least Three (3) Foundation Skills modules. To be successful, you must have basic clicker training/handling skills, and your dog must be familiar with a classroom environment.

This is not a socialization class. There is no free-time or scheduled interaction between the dogs. Agility classes often requires dogs to be able to work off-leash near each other without leaving their handler, and this class is geared towards fostering this skill.

Where and When is Puppy Gym offered?

Currently, Puppy Gym is only offered out of our South Etobicoke location on Fridays at 5PM and 610PM.

Puppy Gym tuition:

Single Class: $54.34

SAVE 13%! 3-Class Pack: $141.75

For details regarding class/training policies, please see our Policy page.

OK, I’m Ready To Go!

This class is open to students currently taking, or previously graduated from, Puppy Start Right or Foundation Skills.

Login to our BusyPaws class calendar system, purchase credit(s) and register for available spots. If you are a past student that does not have a BusyPaws login, please email info@whenhoundsfly.com to request one.