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Finally! We are proud to announce that we are launching a full, multi-level Agility program, to take your dog from complete novice, to successfully completing a full course, and even trialing… and beyond!

@whenhoundsfly check out Mindy, head instructor of K9 Sportsplex, playing agility with her Border Collie! two spots remain in our next series of Agility Level 1 at South Etobicoke. alumni, book in Busypaws! #dogtraining #agility #bordercollie #toronto #etobicoke #positivereinforcementdogtraining ? The Fast - Official Sound Studio
Dog on teeter

Agility Level 1


Course Description:

  • Develop the basic skills that YOU (the handler) and your dog need to play the sport of agility
  • Introduce games to develop essential skills such as impulse control, focus, trust, and a desire to play
  • Learn basic obstacle, handling, and flatwork skills
  • Introduce jumps and tunnel performance



  • Completion of Foundation Skills or Evaluation Module
  • (Completion of Puppy Gym/Pre-Agility is beneficial)
  • Your dog has to be engaged with you (you shouldn’t have to beg them to work with you for treats or toys or play)
  • Your dog needs a functional (not perfect) recall
  • Your dog needs a functional stay with duration and distance
    Dog on teeter

    Agility Level 2


    Course Description:

    • Building on the skills learned in Level 1, this course will continue to develop handling sequence and flatwork skills
    • Focuses on foundation skills needed for contact equipment performance such as comfort on planks, moving surfaces, and intro to weave pole performance



    • Completion of Agility Level 1 with good proficiency in skills covered, or passing a 1-on-1 paid evaluation
      Dog on teeter

      Agility Level 3


      Course Description:

      • This course will focus on the development of contact performance skills. The teams will continue to work on weave pole performance, and sequencing while learning how to safely navigate the A-Frame, Dog Walk, and Teeter
      • Equipment used will be set at low heights to start and slowly progress to full height



      • Completion of Agility Level 2 with good proficiency in skills covered, or passing a 1-on-1 paid evaluation
        Dog on teeter

        Agility Level 4 Standard


        Course Description:

        • This intermediate/advanced level class will focus on the handling skills needed to navigate a standard agility course
        • Teams will continue to refine handling and contact performance while learning how to read a course and determine the best handling technique to use on a different course using full sized equipment each week
        • Ideal for teams that want to play recreationally or have aspirations to compete



        • Completion of Agility Level 3 with good proficiency in skills covered, or passing a 1-on-1 paid evaluation – dog/teams from other schools need to be able to sequence 5-6 obstacles and have no issues with contact equipment performance
          Dog on teeter

          Agility Club (after Level 4)


          Course Description:

          • Similar to Agility Fun Matches or a House League, each participant gets a specified number of minutes to run the course. You can use toys and treats!
          • K9 Sportsplex team members can be asked to judge, score faults, and even include you on a posted brag board for friendly competition if desired!
          • There is no formal instruction, but it is supervised for safety, timing, and scoring
          • Club can and should be taken multiple times to continue to practice and refine your agility skills



          • Completion of Agility Level 4, and dog/handler is comfortable with all equipment.
            Dogs needing additional work to get comfortable with the Teeter, A-Frame, and/or Dog Walk should re-take Level 3 to gain more comfort on the equipment
            German Shepherd Dog

            Meet Your Agility Instructors!

            We’re partnering with the talented trio of K9 Sportsplex – Mindy Yuan, Nicole Ridout, and Rosemary Cullander.

            The K9 Sportsplex team boasts over 25 years of combined agility experience, including training, competition, and teaching.

            They’ve titled multiple dogs in Agility, have competed both at the Regional and National levels, and continuously seek opportunities to learn from top Agility instructors and handlers from around the globe.

            Agility Tuition (Each Level Program is 6 Weeks)

            6-week course: $360 plus HST

            Each class is 45 minutes in duration

            For details regarding class/training policies, please see our Policy page:

            Where and When?

            September 19 Update: Agility programs are only offered at South Etobicoke

            Levels 1 & 2

            Tuesdays, Oct 24-Nov 28.

            Level 4

            Fridays, Nov 3-Dec 8.

            Agility Club

            Fridays, starting November 3

            Okay, I’m Ready to Go!

            Prerequisites – Please See Above in Course Description

            Trained Elsewhere? Challenge our Evaluation Module and pass to get access.

            Login to our class calendar system and reserve your spot in a 6-week series.