Brick and Mortar Classroom Re-Opening Rules – Updated June 11, 2020

*Updated June 11, 2020*

Dear Students,

Thank you everyone for your support during this difficult time. For the last two months we have primarily been interacting with you via Virtual classes on Zoom, although in the last week and a bit we’ve had fun running Puppy Parties and seeing you all briefly during dropoff and pickup.

Our team met shortly after the province released guidance that during Phase One, our service is allowed to resume. Some of us live in multi-generational households with elderly, vulnerable persons. Some of us have partners with pre-existing medical conditions also putting them at risk. We have to balance our wish to reconnect in-person and meet the community’s needs with safety – not just of us, our loved ones, but also our community at large.

Starting Saturday, May 30th, we will slowly be resuming in-person classes. They will feel familiar, but they will also be different. We are also forced to mandate very specific requirements of our students to protect both you and us.

Please be patient if we are at capacity and you are unable to get in right away. We are testing demand and operational procedures, and navigating uncharted territory.

Rule One: Symptomatic or Vulnerable? Stay Home

Our instructors all have digital thermometers and will be self assessing for symptoms. If we’re symptomatic, we’re staying home. Do the same for us. Also, please, if you are a vulnerable person, please stay at home! Virtual classes are still going to run and you can still do Dropoffs for Puppy Parties. We care about your well-being. All participants will be asked a series of Covid-19 risk screening questions at the door prior to entry.

Rule Two: Dog OK for Group Class?

Virtual classes allowed fearful, anxious, or even aggressive dogs to learn key foundation skills. In-Person group classes are not the right place for them and are not permitted – we reserve the right to make the decision to remove them from class. Home school them and they’ll be happier too.

Rule Three: Two Humans Per Dog

Effective June 11, 2020, for each class, up to two humans per dog are permitted. At least one must be an adult, and at least one must have attended Orientation (but ideally, both). The second human may be a child, however, please be considerate and mindful of our disruptive student policy. And, regardless of age, the facemask rule still applies.

Rule Four: 15 Day Booking Window / 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

Effective Monday, June 8th at 9:00AM – We will be opening up our class calendar to allow for a 15 Day Booking Window, with a strict 24 Hour Cancellation Policy. For details regarding our Booking Window and Cancellation Policy, please click here.

Rule Five: Be Punctual

Please wait curbside and at the start of your scheduled class, your instructor will come outside and cue everyone to enter one at a time. Shortly after the commencement of class, we will be locking our doors to prevent walk-ins and others that may enter the building and cause congestion in the entrance or waiting area. Please be on time as if you are late and the door is locked, you will not be permitted in your class, nor will you be given a makeup credit.

Rule Six: Wear Facemasks At All Times

Although our classrooms are relatively large, from time to time, physical distancing will be breached. We are also staying indoors in a confined space (although we will maximize ventilation from outdoors as much as possible) for a duration of close to an hour, while talking. To mitigate the risks of droplets projecting while speaking in an enclosed space, where physical distance recommendations may be breached from time to time, we are mandating the wearing of a facemask (medical or non-medical is fine) at all times by all participants. Without a facemask, you will not be permitted in your class, nor will you be given a makeup credit.

Rule Seven: Sit and Stay (Physical Distancing)

Students will be given a station to work in and we ask that unless otherwise instructed, please remain in your station and refrain from visiting other students, or coming up directly to the instructor.

Rule Eight: Use Positive Reinforcement

Rude or inconsiderate behaviour affects the classroom experience for other students and the instructor, and won’t be tolerated!

We believe that the best way to teach and reinforce desired behaviour is through positive reinforcement – for people, that’s about expressing your needs clearly, and also being considerate, gracious, and patient.



With gratitude,

Andre Yeu

Founder, When Hounds Fly


11 Replies to “Brick and Mortar Classroom Re-Opening Rules – Updated June 11, 2020”

  1. Hi, I have a small 6 month old shorkie and we need some help with obedience training. She does get anxious around new people and other dogs and sometimes will growl. Do you recommend in classes or virtual classes? I want her to be able to be familiarized with other dogs but I see that you guys don’t take fearful dogs for in classes. If you can offer any advice, I would be grateful!

    1. Are you still doing classes? We have a 2 month old Portuguese Water Dog and I’d love to start classes as soon as possible.

  2. hi there – what is the earliest availability for a puppy training class? We live in Bloor West Village. Do let us know – thx in advance.

  3. Hello,

    I am looking to join your puppy obedience classes for my 4.5 month old female French bulldog.

    She is well socialized dog with both unfamiliar people and dogs of all sizes …. she is very playful and submissive. She walks fairly well on a leash, can sit, can “come when called” but only if there are no distraction. She’s fairly smart and can play for hours independently.

    She is VERY excitable when there is stimulation and pretty relaxed otherwise.

    She’s is crate trained as well.

    Hope you have some space in your upcoming classes … My schedule is pretty flexible!

    I look forward to hearing from you. I can be reached either by messenger or cell (647) 919-4493.

    Many thanks,


    1. Hi, we are looking for our 17 wk old wheaten. Puppy classes could be helpful. He is extremely social and does well and plays with other dogs and is great around people.
      Or the more advanced class after puppy could work. We have done some work with him on basics and could use help with the more advanced commands. He is our 3rd Wheaten.

      We live near Bayview and Pottery road.


  4. Hi there, I have a nine week old Boston/Frenchie mix and wanted to confirm that he’s old enough for puppy training. He has had his 8 week shotsThanks,


  5. Please let me know when our puppy can start socialization / puppy training classes. Our mini Aussie shepherd is 9 weeks. We’d prefer either queen w or Dundas w locations but are flexible if needed.

  6. Hi.
    A few of us in the neighbourhood are interested in your puppy training. Class. Wondering if you offer it off your site (at one of our backyards) and if so, how many pups? Sessions? Costs etc

  7. Hi I have a 6 week old Havanese. He knows basic commands but is very selective on when he wants to obey them. He sleeps in his crate at night but does not do well if crated in the day. He does not like to be left alone. I need some training to help with separation. He socializes well with people and other dogs.

  8. I have a 1yr old dog he is a rescue, would love some help with training. He has become fearful of dogs he doesn’t know and seems to be protective of his pack. He’s barking and lunging at dogs while we are walking.

    I really need to change this behaviour before it’s too late. How do I get in touch to book a session or many sessions??

    We are in the west end / Bloor West area.

    Thanks in advance!

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