Classroom Re-Opening Rules – Last Update – May 10, 2022

Updated May 10, 2022


We are confident in our ability to run safe, effective, and enjoyable classroom experiences during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Part of the success of our classes is thanks to our students! Please see below for the latest operating procedures:

Rule One: Symptomatic or Vulnerable? Stay Home

If with less than 24 hours notification you come down with Covid-19 symptoms or test positive for Covid-19, if you email the office at BEFORE your class starts, you may receive a credit return. We will return a single class credit, but you are responsible for removing any future bookings that fall within any mandated isolation period. Retroactive requests will not be accepted.

Rule Two: Dog OK for Group Class?

Virtual lessons or private lessons allowed fearful, anxious, or even aggressive dogs to learn key foundation skills. In-Person group classes are not the right place for them and are not permitted – we reserve the right to make the decision to remove them from class. Home school them and they’ll be happier too.

Rule Three:  24 Hour Cancellation Policy

Students may book classes up to 10 weeks into the future (and plan their entire Puppy Socialization or Foundation Skills program).

Our strict 24 Hour Cancellation Policy still applies – Cancellations must be done online via our calendaring system.

Cancellations via Email, verbal, or requests via Social Media not accepted. For details regarding our Booking Window and Cancellation Policy, please click here.

Rule Four: Be Punctual

Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your scheduled start time.

Please be on time as if you are late, you may not be permitted in your class, nor will you be given a makeup credit.

Rule Five: Wear Facemasks At All Times

Although our classrooms are relatively large, from time to time, physical distancing will be breached. We are also staying indoors in a confined space (although we will maximize ventilation from outdoors as much as possible) for a duration of close to an hour, while talking. To mitigate the risks of droplets projecting while speaking in an enclosed space, where physical distance recommendations may be breached from time to time, we are mandating the wearing of a facemask at all times by all participants.

Please note, we define facemasks as close fitting to the nose, mouth, and chin, medical, or non-medical. Masks that have exhale valves are not permitted, as are plastic “shield” type masks (either full face or mouth only) as they are not snug enough to the face.

Without a facemask, you will not be permitted in your class, nor will you be given a makeup credit.

Rule Six: Use Positive Reinforcement

Rude or inconsiderate behaviour affects the classroom experience for other students and the instructor, and won’t be tolerated! Furthermore, this applies to interactions with our Client Experience team outside of the classroom. We value the well-being of our team members and also the classroom environment, and this kind of behaviour will result in the immediate expulsion of the student with no refunds.

We believe that the best way to teach and reinforce desired behaviour is through positive reinforcement – for people, that’s about expressing your needs clearly, and also being considerate, gracious, and patient.

With gratitude,

Andre Yeu

Founder, When Hounds Fly

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