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Dog on teeter

Puppy Start Right Online


Module 1

  • Socialization Exercise: Resource Guarding/Food Bowl Safety
  • Training: Walk with Me
  • Focus and Attention

Module 2

  • Puppy Topic: Visiting the Vet and the Groomers
  • Socialization Exercise: Accepting Handling, Restraint, Grooming
  • Training: Lay Down

Module 3

  • Puppy Topic: Body Language, Preventing Fear, Anxiety, and Aggression
  • Training: Greetings with Consent

Module 4

  • Puppy Topic: Alone-Time Training / Housetraining
  • Socialization Exercise: Practice being left alone
  • Training: Hand Targeting (Touch)

Module 5

  • Puppy Topic: Nipping and Biting / Appropriate Play
  • Training: Recall Games (Come)
  • Training: Tug of War / Drop It
    Dog on teeter

    Foundation Skills Online


    Module 1 – Clicker Skills

    • Capturing Attention (Voluntary Attention)
    • Sit and Down
    • Go to Mat

    Module 2 – Impulse Control

    • Leave It
    • Drop It
    • Paw Target

    Module 3 – Walk with Me

    • Walk With Me
    • Give to Pressure
    • Engage/Disengage

    Module 4 – Stay

    • Touch
    • Stay (Distance, Duration, Distraction)

    Module 5 – Recall

    • Name Attention
    • Engagement Games with Clean Training Loops
    • Recall Games

    Module 6 – Perfectly Polite

    • Polite Greetings (Humans)
    • Polite Greetings (Dogs on Leash)
    • Co-operative Care and Start-Buttons

    Module 7 – Advanced Skills and Generalization

    • Behaviour Chains
    • Phasing out the Clicker
    • Generalization
      Dog on teeter

      Tricks Class Online


      Concepts Taught:

      • Capturing and Luring
      • Antecedent Arrangement
      • Shaping
      • Advanced Cueing and Troubleshooting

      Tricks List:

      • Pick Up / Hold
      • Fetch / Retrieve
      • Head-in-a-Box
      • Put Your Toys Away
      • Spin
      • Leg Weave
      • Backup
      • Paw Target/Ring a Bell
      • Wave Goodbye
      • Cross Your Paws
      • Middle / Footsies (aka Cop-Cop)
      • Play Bow
      • Play Dead / Roll Over
        Cavalier dog lunging and barking on leash

        Helping the Leash Reactive Dog Webinar


        Course Description:

          • Rachael Johnston, Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner, and the developer of When Hounds Fly’s Reactive Dog program, will guide you through what reactivity is, how and why it develops, and how you can begin to help your dog work through their reactivity challenges.

          • Reactivity is very common amongst urban dogs, as they struggle with overwhelming stressors every day. Barking and lunging is their way of coping with this – but take heart, there’s a lot you can do to help your dog! We help people every day.

          • This 2 hour webinar is an excellent starting point for understanding what it takes to effectively and humanely help your reactive dog, and sets you up for success for subsequent private lessons or attending a Reactive Dog Group Class
            Cavalier dog lunging and barking on leash

            Preparing Your Dog For Your Baby


            Course Description:

              • If you are expectant parents, or are new parents, and you want to proactively  help your dog successfully handle this transition, this webinar is for you.

              • In this 2 hour webinar, you’ll learn about the overwhelming number of novel sights, smells, and sounds that will challenge your dog, and how the radical change in routines and reduced attention affects them
              • You’ll then learn about tools needed to help your dog successfully adapt, how to help your dog and child interact safely, how to read your dog’s body language, and how to adjust at each stage of your baby’s growth
                Cavalier dog lunging and barking on leash

                Karen Pryor Academy in a Day

                Course Description:

                  • Dog industry professionals – Do you want to develop your training skills and learn from the best?

                  • Are you thinking about enrolling in the Karen Pryor Academy Dog Trainer Professional Program?

                  • In this 90 minute webinar, you’ll be introduced to some of the most important components found in the Karen Pryor Academy curriculum, directly from Andre Yeu, Karen Pryor Academy Faculty Member
                    Cavalier dog lunging and barking on leash

                    Ask When Hounds Fly Membership


                    Course Description:

                      • For less than the cost of a single phone consultation, members of our exclusive club can post questions* in our Ask When Hounds Fly community discussion group, and one of our certified trainers will review your question and answer to the best of their ability

                      • This includes access to our regularly scheduled Office Hours which are live sessions for all members to submit questions for answering by our instructors
                      • No long-term commitments, cancel anytime
                      • *Limited to one question per week, including a video up to 1 minute in duration