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All instructors are Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partners.

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Most Popular Articles

Work with the Toronto Humane Society

This year, we’ve had the opportunity to work with the Toronto Humane Society in a variety of ways. One of our missions is to improve the welfare of animals (in particular, dogs), so it was our pleasure to offer our expertise and services to them. Andre Yeu had the opportunity to
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When Can You Start Walking Your Dog Without a Leash?

A question we get a lot here at When Hounds Fly is “when can I start walking my dog off leash?”  It seems like it’s a goal for a lot of people – almost like a sign their dog is well trained, to be able to walk around the city without a leash on.  The answer we
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ClickerExpo 2017

We – Rachael, Andre, and Verena – just got back from Portland, Oregon, where we spend 4 days at ClickerExpo – a huge conference for clicker trainers, run by the Karen Pryor Academy, where all three of us studied.  It was a truly amazing experience, spending four stra
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Our Services

  • Puppy Socialization Classes

    For puppies between 8-16 weeks in age. Early socialization and training prevents problems before they start! Learn More...
  • Foundation Skills

    "Obedience Training" is passée. We teach you how to train useful Foundation Skills - for a well-mannered housepet, to a future dog sports champion. Learn more...
  • Advanced Classes

    Canine Good Neighbour, Rally-O, Tricks Class, and more - For our Foundation Skills graduates, or dogs and handlers that are already clicker savvy.
  • Private Lessons

    1-on-1 lessons in home or in-school. Learn more...
  • Behaviour Problems

    The same scientifically-sound principles we use in class will help with fear, aggression, anxiety, and reactivity... without the use of force or pain. Learn more...