Rally Obedience Toronto

Rally Obedience (Rally-O)


Rally Obedience is a dog sport that incorporates aspects of competitive obedience.  Handler and dog make their way through a course with a series of stations.  Each station has a behavior such as sit, down, stand, or heel (i.e. 180 degree turn), and more advanced courses feature behaviors such as figure 8s, weaves, and jumps.  In novice levels, the dog is on leash and the owner is allowed to talk and interact with their dog, making it an easy dog sport to get into!

What you and your dog will get from Rally-O:

  • Knowledge and ability to prepare your dog for a Rally-Obedience trial so your dog can earn his or her Rally Novice (RN) title.  After that, Rally Advanced and Rally Excellent (RE) titles can be earned!
  • A dog that is a DREAM to walk.  Rally-O is all about excellent heelwork, so there is no better way to teach your dog to be an incredible loose leash walker than to teach an outstanding heel.
  • A tired and happy dog.


Rally Level 1

Get started on your path to Rally Obedience!

Prerequisites: Completion of Foundation Skills at When Hounds Fly. We regret that we no longer accept students from other schools, even if they are clicker trained. Please note that this class can be quite challenging and not for handlers and dogs that struggled in Foundation Skills class (or you will definitely fall behind and get discouraged!)

Behaviors Introduced:

  • Finish (using Silvia Trkman’s Hind-End Rotation method)
  • Heel
  • Front
  • Sit, Down, Stand

Equipment Required:

  • 20lb Drywall Bucket for medium/large dogs
  • Paint Can, filled heavy for smaller dogs
  • Target Stick (Homemade could be chopstick or wood dowel with a plastic spoon taped at the end)

Program Tuition: $240 per dog plus HST

Rally Level 2

Ready to take your Obedience behaviors to the next level? Get ready for trial calibre performances with Rally Level 2.

Prerequisites: Completion of Rally 1 at When Hounds Fly. We regret that we no longer accept students from other schools, even if they are clicker trained. Dogs should have basic levels of the following behaviors: Finish/hind-end rotation (dog rotates on perch – we will fade out the perch in this class and put finish on verbal cue), front, heel, sit on cue, down on cue.

Behaviors and training concepts introduced or polished:

  • Finish/Hind-End Rotation – Perch faded out, Behavior on verbal cue
  • Front – transfer to verbal cue, add distance
  • Heelwork – precision on various turns, on verbal cue
  • Stimulus Control for Heel/Finish, Front, Sit, Down, Stand
  • Behavior Chains for long durations without primary reinforcements (no treats allowed in the ring!)
  • Precision for reinforcement delivery
  • Strategies to excel at your trial


Program Tuition: $200 per dog plus HST

For details regarding class/training policies, please see our Policy page.


Locations Offered:

We offer Rally-O Classes periodically at Dundas West and Pape Village. Forthcoming sessions are detailed at our online store.

OK, I’m Ready To Go!

Purchase the program at our Online Store. Please note, once the classes are sold out, they’re sold out!