Media and Press Appearances

We love spreading the word about clicker training and positive reinforcement dog training and behaviour! And, we love media opportunities! If you are in the media and you are interested in working with us, please don’t hesitate to contact us at We are happy to provide expert opinion on all things related to dogs and to help you communicate your message or story.






Ongoing– Sarah Shapiro-Ward answers dog behaviour questions on CBC BC Today

February– Andre Yeu on Your Morning CTV with Winter exercise tips for dogs



March – Andre Yeu featured in the Toronto Star for Dog Training Education Month



August – Andre Yeu interviewed by Altis Recruitment – How will dogs handle our return to the office?

June – Andre Yeu quoted on CBC Life – How will your dog handle your return to the workplace?

April – Andre Yeu appears on Your Morning on CTV to offer advice on training success with the whole family:

February – Andre Yeu interviewed by The Toronto Star: “People want more than TV for downtime. Businesses fulfilling that desire are booming”



December – Andre Yeu appeared on CBC: “Pandemic isolation sees booming demand for pets- and the businesses that cater to them”

July – Andre Yeu interviewed for article by The Canadian Press “Dogs young and old experiencing separation anxiety as owners return to work”

July – Claire Kilburn interviewed by Postmedia “Preparing your home for a pandemic puppy”



December – Andre Yeu appeared on Citynews to comment on surprising people with puppies as gifts for Christmas.



September 15 – Andre Yeu appeared on Global TV Toronto to comment on proposed Dangerous Dog Bylaw changes in Toronto.

July – Andre Yeu contributed to Inside Fitness Magazine‘s feature on how to train your dog to exercise with you.



May 26 – Rachael Johnston and Andre Yeu appeared on CP24 Animal Housecalls to talk about polite dog-to-dog greetings.

March 24 – Andre Yeu appeared on CP24 Animal Housecalls with Petey to discuss and demonstrate clicker training.



Dec 30 – Andre Yeu appeared on CityTV News to discuss separation anxiety in dogs.



November 21 – Andre Yeu featured on CBC Nature of Things web clip to talk about preventing fear in puppies.

November 21 – Julie Posluns featured on CBC Nature of Things to talk about her graduate studies in inter-canine greetings.

June 4 – Andre Yeu appeared on Rogers Daytime Toronto to talk about dog training.



Dec 6 – Andre Yeu appeared on Goldhawk Live, alongside Toronto city councillors Denzil Minnan-Wong and Sarah Doucette to discuss proposal for off-leash hours at more city parks.

Sept 27 – Andre Yeu interviewed by Toronto Star, sharing tips on how to get your dog ready for tv and stage

Sept 1 – Andre Yeu and When Hounds Fly featured interview on Karen Pryor – Taking Care of Business

September 2012 – Andre Yeu is the official dog trainer for CBC’s Over The Rainbow Toto Challenges!

July 27 – Global TV visits When Hounds Fly to interview Andre Yeu and some of When Hounds Fly’s students to ask the question, “Why does my dog listen to my spouse, but not me?”

July 1 – Andre Yeu interviewed in Canadian Living Magazine on How to Teach Good Household Manners

May 1 – Andre Yeu interviewed in Canadian Living Magazine on How to Socialize Your Dog

February 12 – Andre Yeu makes an appearance on CTV’s eTalk to demonstrate how clicker training is used to teach the tricks featured in this year’s Oscar winning movie, The Artist (featuring Uggie the Jack Russell Terrier)



June 15 – Karen Pryor writes about her visit to When Hounds Fly on