Choosing a Dog Training School

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You’ve got a lot of choice about where to go for dog training expertise.

So, why choose us?

1. A Commitment to Positive Reinforcement

We believe Positive Reinforcement is the most effective way to change behaviour, therefore it’s our promise that above all, we will use positive reinforcement methods for both our canine and human learners. Both you and your dog will feel supported by us, treated as unique individuals, and find it fun and enjoyable to learn with us.

Read about our training methods here.

2. Convenient and Fast

Start Anytime programs – Unlike other schools that have rigid start dates and requires committing to a single day and time week after week – our Puppy Socialization and Foundation Skills programs are open-enrollment.

We have three locations – one in Dundas West (Dundas West at Ossington, steps away from Trinity Bellwoods), one in Queen West (Tecumseth at Richmond, major interesction is Queen West and Bathurst) and the other in Pape Village (Pape Avenue at Cosburn). Both are easily accessible by car (and have on-street, side-street, and parking lots nearby) and TTC.

For private training, we continue to grow our team (we’re at 7!) so you can see us as quickly as possible.

3. Experience Counts

We first opened our doors for classes in January 2010. Since then, over 9000 dogs and their families have taken classes at When Hounds Fly. Most of our new students are referrals from past students, veterinarians, and other pet industry professionals. Our reputation and success is built upon the success of our students!

Furthermore, working with When Hounds Fly means you are working with a team, not just a solo trainer. We meet weekly to review our client cases together – more experience and more insight to help you and your canine out.

4. Top Instructors

All the senior instructors at When Hounds Fly are either Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partners (KPACTP), or have their Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) designation, or both, so we are proud to maintain the highest standards of instruction of any school in Toronto.

Read more about our instructors here.

Still not sure?

Contact us and let us know what questions you have.

9 Replies to “Choosing a Dog Training School”

  1. Hi, I was recommended to your school by my Vet (Dundas West Animal Hospital). I have a 4 month old female Shih Tzu and I would like to enroll her in your puppy socialization classes. Please let me know if you have room and if so, what are your schedules. Looking forward to your quick reply.

  2. Hi,

    I would like to enroll my puppy into your puppy socialization class tomorrow or Sunday April 8th please let me know if there are any classes available?


  3. Hi! I have a 5 year old rescue who we got at 11 months old from the Toronto Humane Society. She did training classes in her first year with us and has been a very well-behaved dream.
    She does have some separation anxiety though (which we have made lots of progress on), but the remaining stress for her that we have not been able to tackle is her dog-on-dog reactiveness. She is aggressive with other dogs and it has become worse over time. We are interested in doing some socializing with her at your Dundas location and wondered if your program would be a good fit for this.

  4. Hi, I cant find your new student enrollment form anywhere on this site. Can you please email me one?
    I am interested in the Foundations training for my 10 month old boxer mix.

  5. Hi, my name is Joanne and I was give your number by my Vet. My dog Buddy is having some serious separation & anxiety issues. Not sure if this is the right place for him. I’m afraid to leave him b/c as soon as I do he starts barking and this stresses me out. Didn’t want to put him on meds cause that will cause other issues…so if u have any advice for me please let me know.


  6. Hello there,
    We have a 1yr old Australian labradoodle at home who has had basic training at 4 months, but we’d like to do more training with her. Main concerns are walking, drop it command, and not jumping up on people. Not sure which of your courses would be best.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

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