Choosing a Dog Training School

You’ve got a lot of choice about where to go for dog training expertise.

1. A Commitment to Positive Reinforcement


We believe Positive Reinforcement is the most effective way to change behaviour, therefore it’s our promise that above all, we will use positive reinforcement methods for both our canine and human learners. Both you and your dog will feel supported by us, treated as unique individuals, and find it fun and enjoyable to learn with us.

2. Convenient and Fast


Start Anytime programs – Unlike other schools that have rigid start dates and requires committing to a single day and time week after week – our Puppy Socialization and Foundation Skills programs are open-enrollment.

With 5 locations throughout Toronto and a team of 14 trainers, you’ll be able to get the help you need quickly close to home.

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3. Experience Counts


We first opened our doors for classes in January 2010. Since then, over 12000 dogs and their families have taken classes at When Hounds Fly. Most of our new students are referrals from past students, veterinarians, and other pet industry professionals. Our reputation and success is built upon the success of our students!

Furthermore, working with When Hounds Fly means you are working with a team, not just a solo trainer. We meet weekly to review our client cases together – more experience and more insight to help you and your canine out.

4. Top Instructors


All the senior instructors at When Hounds Fly are either Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partners (KPA-CTP), or have their Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) designation, or both, so we are proud to maintain the highest standards of instruction of any school in Canada.

Plus. . .

Over 300 Positive Reviews on Google (4.7+)

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7 Karen Pryor Academy Certified Trainers on Staff

8 CPDT-KA Instructors on Staff


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