Reactive Dog Group Class

Spring/Summer 2022 Sessions are open for Application Now!

Reactive Dog Class

Does your dog “overreact” when seeing other dogs on leash?

Do they growl, bark, snarl, lunge, or snap?

Do you want to learn humane, force-free methods to teach your dog how to react calmly and confidently around other dogs?

Do you want to work with likeminded owners, with their reactive dogs, together, to create a safe environment to practice together?

This is for you if…

  • Your dog “overreacts” when seeing other dogs (growling, barking, snarling, lunging, and snapping)
  • You want to learn humane, force-free methods to teach your dog to react to other dogs calmly and with confidence
  • You are new to When Hounds Fly, or alumni of When Hounds Fly (private lessons or group classes)
  • Your dog is “reactive” to other dogs on leash while on walks (whether it’s fear, or overarousal and frustration)
  • Your dog is NOT reactive/aggressive to people (so that our instructors can come close to you, and help you handle your dog)

The Program

  • Six (6) sessions – 1 Virtual, 5 In-Person
  • Purpose: To help you help your dog learn to feel safe AND behave in a relaxed, confident manner around other dogs
  • Outcome: You will develop the essential skills and confidence to help your dog improve, and enjoy more peaceful and joyful walks with your dog
  • Co-existing on-leash with some degree of proximity is the outcome objective
  • Direct Nose-to-Nose/Off-Leash Interactions is NOT in scope for this program.

Program Features

  • Safe and controlled environment – Only 6 dogs per session in our 4000 square feet at our South Etobicoke facility
  • Ample One-on-One Attention – A 2:1 ratio of student to certified dog trainer means ample individualized guidance and feedback to our human students
  • Learn Foundation Behaviours – to replace your dog’s current undesirable behaviours of lunging, barking, snapping, when presented with triggers
  • Learn Emergency Behaviours – to prepare you and your dog to get out the potential sticky situations quickly, effortlessly, without incident
  • Learn how to work WITH your dog – to strengthen your bond and trust as you work through this challenge as a team

Meet Your Instructors:

Lead instructor Rachael Johnston, CPDT-KA, KPA CTP, will be assisted by Stephanie Tran (CPDT-KA), Monique Dayaram (KPA CTP), Chris Taccogna (CPDT-KA) and Mayra Morales. All three have extensive experience owning reactive dogs AND helping countless owners (and their dogs) with reactivity.

Program Tuition:

$567 plus HST (6 week program)


When Hounds Fly South Etobicoke, 415 Kipling Avenue, Rear Unit

OK, I’m Ready To Go!

This program has an admissions process. Please fill out the application form below. Rachael will personally review all applications to ensure every participant is a good fit, and invite you to complete the registration and payment online.

Groups Forming:

  • Tuesday Nights
    • 2 Cohorts: 6:30PM, 8:00PM (June 7th Start) Full
  • Wednesday Daytime
    • 3 Cohorts: 12PM (June 8th Start) Limited Spots Remain
  • Saturday Afternoons
    • 3 Cohorts: 2PM, 3:30PM, 5PM (June 11th Start – Skips Canada Day Long Weekend) – Limited Spots Remain