Service Dog Training in Toronto

Service animals can be life changing, providing much-needed freedom to their handlers. Similarly to a wheelchair or portable oxygen, service animals allow their handlers to participate fully in society by mitigating effects of a disability.

There are two common ways service dogs are trained:

  • By an organization, where they are raised from birth and trained to a very high level before being placed in a home
  • By an individual, who trains their own dog with the guidance of a trainer

Both of these methods are effective, and both are completely legal and legitimate ways to obtain a service dog. 

When Hounds Fly is now offering coaching services for handler-trained service dogs. This means, we will guide you through the training process with your own dog over a series of private lessons. 

Self-training a service animal can be a daunting task. Our services are for individuals who:

  • Live with a disability and would benefit from a dog who can perform assistance tasks. 
  • Have an understanding of a service animal as medical equipment, and not simply a pet that can be brought anywhere.
  • Can be open and honest about their disability, limitations, and needs. We don’t need to know every detail, but a good understanding is essential for us to be able to help you.
  • Have time, energy, and funds to train their own dog on a regular basis with guidance (this is not a board-and-train).
  • Have a physically and mentally sound dog we can evaluate, or are in the process of acquiring a prospect.

Unfortunately, there are some service tasks that are beyond our capabilities. We are sorry to say that we cannot help you if you require a dog trained for high-level, high-risk tasks such as anaphylaxis alert, seizure alert, or guiding a fully blind individual.

Get Started:

  1. Watch our Introduction to Service Dogs webinar, which will answer your most pressing questions!
  2. Speak with your doctor, and obtain a letter stating your need for an assistance dog. This letter is legally required if your dog will be used in public.
  3. Fill out the form below when you’re ready to start. We will reach out to you within 24 hours to gather more information about your specific needs and situation.
  4. Book, pay for, and attend your initial assessment meeting. Cost: $100+HST for the hour.
  5. Book your training schedule. This, and the payment schedule, is determined and explained at your assessment meeting. The webinar in Step 1 will give you a good idea of what to expect.
  6. Attend your lessons, and train, train, train!
  7. Book and attend your exit test. This is a mock Public Access test, designed to assess skill level and readiness.

Introduction to Service Dogs Webinar: