Dog Obedience Classes Toronto

Foundation Skills for First Timers

This is for you if…

Your dog is at least four months old, has never taken any classes with When Hounds Fly, and is safe and non-threatening to other dogs and people.

The Program

Seven classes, with flexible scheduling (and up to 3 months to complete them all). With semi-private class sizes (4 dogs maximum per class) our team of instructors will be able to cover the following exercises:

  • Focus/Attention and Name Response
  • Walk With Me
  • Lay Down
  • Hand Targeting (Touch)
  • Go to Bed
  • Playing Tug (And Drop)
  • Sit-Stay, Down-Stay
  • Doggie Zen (aka Leave It)
  • Paw Object
  • Recall Exercises
  • Engage-Disengage
  • Behaviour Generalization

Why It’s Important

Foundation Skills help make dog ownership more enjoyable! When you know how to teach your dog using positive reinforcement and clicker training, you’ll be able to communicate clearly to your dog what you’d like him or her to do.

Teaching good behaviours also prevents the onset (or turns around) common “nuisance” behaviours, such as jumping on guests, pulling on leash, or not coming when called.

Practicing in a group class setting helps overly friendly dogs who get excited around dogs learn to focus and pay attention even when other canine friends are nearby.

Program Tuition: $260 per dog plus HST

For details regarding class/training policies, please see our Policy page.

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Foundation Skills In-Home Lessons are available with Apprentice Instructors. Click here to learn more.

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