Foundation Skills 1-on-1 Private Training

Want to learn some of the Foundation Skills curriculum, but with 1-on-1 coaching? Or, maybe you have taken group classes with us, but want extra coaching 1-on-1 in your own home/in your neighbourhood?

The Program

Private In-Home Lessons covering basic Foundation Skills such as:

  • Focus/Attention and Name Response
  • Walk With Me
  • Lay Down
  • Hand Targeting (Touch)
  • Go to Bed
  • Playing Tug (And Drop)
  • Sit-Stay, Down-Stay
  • Doggie Zen (aka Leave It)
  • Paw Object
  • Recall Exercises
  • Engage-Disengage
  • Behaviour Generalization

Also, if you have a puppy under 5 months age, we can help you with matters normally covered in Puppy Socialization classes such as:

  • House Training
  • Nipping/Biting
  • Preventing Resource Guarding
  • Handling/Grooming/Restraint Exercises
German Shepherd Dog
“When we adopted our dog, Corky, she didn’t even know her name and didn’t know any commands.

By the end of Foundation Skills, she knows a ton! How to sit, lay down, and even go to bed!

Most of all, you gave us the skills and knowledge to train Corky on an ongoing basis. Corky had a blast!”

– Corky and Lauren R.

Our Service Area

Lessons Via Zoom: Anywhere!

In-person lessons are available as follows:

West End: Bordered by Davenport in the North, Spadina to the East, Kipling to the West, to the Lakeshore.

Midtown: Bordered by Sheppard to the North, Don Mills to the East, Bloor to the South, Allen to the West.

East End: Bordered by O’Connor/St Clair to the North, Woodbine to the East, Broadview Avenue to the West, to Dundas East at the South.

Around Fairview Mall: Steeles East to the North, Warden to the East, Leslie to the West, south to the 401.

In-school lessons are available out of all of our 4 locations (Pinmarked on the above map). We are happy to work with you at our facilities if you are outside of our service area.

Add-On: Intensive Coaching

For behavioral breakthroughs with leash walking, recall, impulse control, and more…

(Limited availability)

To achieve breakthrough improvements, each of our instructors accepts a limited number of clients for Intensive Coaching.

By booking multiple weekly lessons for a period of four weeks:

  • We directly work hands-on with your dog, so they benefit from our expert timing and training skills
  • You can watch and observe as we train, to learn how we respond to your dog’s behaviour in a variety of settings
  • We go various locations like your home, your neighbourhood, and your dog parks; in the environments that are part of you and your dog’s life
  • We provide intensive coaching to help you become really skilled at training and communicating with your dog

Examples where Intensive Coaching could help: 

  • To help with leash reactivity to other dogs or people in your neighbourhood
  • To work on engagement and recall at the dog park
  • To help fast-track your new puppy’s leash walking skills and behaviour in public
  • To help with resource guarding issues
  • To help with body-handling issues (co-operative care)

Our clients who sign up for Intensive Coaching see rates of improvement that wouldn’t be possible if they did it alone, or only saw us once every couple of weeks!

Ask your instructor about adding on Intensive Coaching!


What’s It Cost?

(January 1, 2022)

Please note, availability of senior vs. master level instructor varies by location and if you have a specific request, we may need you to travel to a specific location for your lesson.

For details regarding class/training policies, please see our Policy page: