Foundation Skills 1-on-1 Private Training

Foundation Skills 1-on-1 Private Training

This is for you if…

You want to learn some of the Foundation Skills curriculum, but with 1-on-1 coaching. Or, maybe you have taken group classes with us, but want extra coaching 1-on-1 in your own home/in your neighbourhood.

IMPORTANT TO KNOW: Fear, Anxiety, and Aggression issues are OUT OF SCOPE for this offering.

The Program

Private In-Home Lessons covering basic Foundation Skills such as:

  • Focus/Attention and Name Response
  • Walk With Me
  • Lay Down
  • Hand Targeting (Touch)
  • Go to Bed
  • Playing Tug (And Drop)
  • Sit-Stay, Down-Stay
  • Doggie Zen (aka Leave It)
  • Paw Object
  • Recall Exercises
  • Engage-Disengage
  • Behaviour Generalization

Also, if you have a puppy under 5 months age, we can help you with matters normally covered in Puppy Socialization classes such as:

  • House Training, Nipping/Biting, Preventing Resource Guarding, Handling/Grooming/Restraint Exercises

Service Area

Lessons Via Zoom: Anywhere!

In-Person: We regret that we can only see you for Foundation Skills 1-on-1 lessons if you fall within our in-home service areas:

West End Service Area
Dog Training In Home East End Toronto
East End Service Area
Dog Training In Home Midtown Toronto
Mid-Town Service Area

What’s It Cost? (January 1, 2022)

Initial 1.5 Hour Lesson – $165 plus HST

Single 1.0 Hour Followup Lesson – $110 plus HST

Package of Four Lessons (4.5 Hours Total) – $445.50 plus HST (10% Savings)

Please note, for new clients, we require payment in advance to finalize your appointment bookings.

For details regarding class/training policies, please see our Policy page.

OK, I’m Ready!