Loose Leash Walking Course

Loose Leash Walking Course


This course is about practicing our Walk with Me skills outside together as a group, with coaching!

Enjoy learning new skills and improving your dog’s on-leash skills in the fresh air, but always within 5 minutes of the facility’s location.


 This course is suitable for:

  • Advanced Course Prerequisite: Dogs that have completed of Foundation Skills
  • Your dog needs to be able to eat/take food outdoors

Please note: Your dog must be safe around other dogs and people (Is your dog reactive towards other dogs? Look into our Reactive Dog Group Class)

To ensure that you and your dog have a successful class, please review the following information:

  • Exercise your dog before class, which means different things to different dogs, depending on their energy levels
  • Please wear comfortable footwear suitable for moving around and walking. No flip-flops, dress shoes etc..
  • Please bring a variety of High Value and Low Value Treats and lots of them in a easily accessible Treat Pouch
  • Please bring your dog on humane walking equipment, such as a harness with multiple attachment points (front and back), or a Halti or Gentle Leader (if your dog is desensitized to them)
  • Use a 6-foot leash (no short 4-foot leashes, and no flexi-leashes), and remove any accessories from the leash.
  • Your clicker and training pouch/treat bag.
  • Portable bowl and water for your dog, especially if it’s warm

Program Tuition

$240 plus HST for each 4 week program

For details regarding class/training policies, please see our Policy page:

Where and When?

Returning this fall, 2024. Ask to be added to the waitlist!

Okay, I’m Ready to Go!

This is an advanced class.  Dogs must have finished Foundation Skills Level 1 first.

Trained Elsewhere? Challenge our Evaluation Module and pass to get access.

Login to our class calendar system, purchase credit(s) and register for available spots.