Covid-19 Measures at When Hounds Fly

Updated March 14, 2020
At this time, we are following guidance from the Government of Canada’s Covid-19 “Being Prepared Page”
Here are the key recommendations:

Stay at home if you are sick, or have travelled internationally recently, or are vulnerable (pre-existing conditions, elderly)

  • Students are asked to remove themselves from the class roster if it’s before the 24 hour cancellation window (please don’t wait till the last minute!)
  • Students can request a make-up credit if they fall ill after the 24 hour cancelation window occurs (requests cannot be backdated though)
  • Students who have pre-existing conditions or are elderly are advised to request a pause on their classes and extension (please remove yourself from all upcoming booked classes in advance)

Maintain 2 meters distance

  • Spacing in the classroom between owners/dogs is actually much greater than 2 meters already, therefore meeting this guideline
  • Orientation class sizes are being made smaller, seats placed farther apart to maintain adequate distance
  • We will avoid hand shakes, high-fives, or other forms of direct contact


  • We encourage all staff and employees to wash their hands with soap and water regularly
  • Door knobs and handles will be cleaned regularly with disinfectants (we already use a virucide that kills parvovirus, lepto, and others)
  • Objects/props used in some training exercises will be washed with soap and water prior to use
  • Objects not easily washed (i.e. tug toys) will not be used until further notice
  • Otherwise, not much else is shared or touched among our students/staff.
In our opinion, our dog training facility with small class sizes (4-5 dogs, average of 1.5 people per dog) and plenty of room between individuals enables us to still offer our services in a safe and responsible manner.
We will continue to refer back to recommendations from the Government of Canada and amend our policies. Like our training approach, we rely on evidence and facts to guide our decisions.

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