ClickerExpo 2017

We – Rachael, Andre, and Verena – just got back from Portland, Oregon, where we spend 4 days at ClickerExpo – a huge conference for clicker trainers, run by the Karen Pryor Academy, where all three of us studied.  It was a truly amazing experience, spending four stra
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Closed for Continuing Education January 25 to 31st

Dear Prospect Students – Thanks for visiting our web site! Our commitment to excellent dog training means despite working with over 4000 dogs (and their families) for the last 7 years, we continue to invest in education and are never done learning. Instructors at When Hounds Fly
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To our prospective students…

August 8, 2017 Dear Prospective Student, Thank you very much for visiting our web site and checking our services out. Since I started When Hounds Fly in January 2010, over 4000 dogs and their families have taken classes with us. My mission when I opened our first location at 1108 Dund
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Volunteers Needed for University of Toronto Canine Cognition Lab

Dog CI Lever
Want to know more about how your dog thinks and learns? The Canine Cognition Lab at the University of Toronto (part of the Psychology department’s Computational Cognitive Development Lab) is looking for pet dogs and their owners to participate in fun studies examining what dogs
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Congratulations to New Therapy Dogs Percy and Sydney

Congratulations to Percy (When Hounds Fly Dundas West Alumni) and Sydney (When Hounds Fly North Toronto Alumni) for becoming our latest two alumni to become certified St John Ambulance Therapy Dogs! Sydney was already certified as a CKC Canine Good Neighbour as well. Besides having th
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Congratulations to Rachael Johnston

Rachael Johnston
Congratulations to our most senior instructor, Rachael Johnston, for passing her CPDT-KA examination with an excellent score of 90%. She now joins a very small number of dog trainers in Ontario that are both Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partners and have their CPDT-KA design
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Lecturing at Ryerson on Behaviorism

Toronto Ryerson - Undergraduate Psychology Class Lecture
Petey and I were invited to lecture to a class of psychology undergrads on behaviorism! As a dog trainer that focuses on the practical application of the principles of operant conditioning, I owe a great deal to the academic world, and it was an honour to be able to pay it back (in my
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School Closed January 21-28

ClickerExpo Portland
Our instructors, Katie Hood, Rachael Johnston, and Andre Yeu are attending ClickerExpo in Portland and as a result the school is closed for classes from January 21-28 (all locations, all classes). We will be processing all enrollment forms during this period although our response will
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Big Things Brewing at When Hounds Fly

As we come close to five years of providing dog training services, I am more excited about what the future holds for When Hounds Fly than ever before. We have a lot planned and I look forward to sharing more with you over the coming weeks. The first bit of news is… no, this is n
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North Toronto Classes at Doggieland

We are proud to have partnered with Lawrence Park’s premier dog daycare, Doggieland, to commence offering our training classes out of their facility! Doggieland is located at 1 Fairlawn Avenue. Foundation Skills for First Timers will be offered their commencing April 2014, and w
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