May 2024 Promotion – BOGO on Puppy Socials (16-24 Weeks)

Puppy Parents! May Promotion: BOGO on Puppy Socials (16-24 weeks) :tada:
Don’t miss out! If you are a new puppy parent with a puppy that’s between 4 to 6 months, take advantage of our BOGO deal on Puppy Socials at all When Hounds Fly locations.
Dog parks are hit and miss, and oftentimes other owners (and their dogs) don’t play nice, so why not join us for Puppy Socials where you and your pup benefit from:
  • Healthy play and interactions supervised by one of our dog training instructors
  • Vaccination paperwork screening to reduce risk of illness
  • Working together with other like-minded pet parents to create healthy relationships with other puppies
How it works:  Every time you attend a Puppy Social (16-24 weeks) using one of your paid credits, our team will add a BOGO credit to your account to book again.

Students who bought Puppy Social credits in April or earlier will still benefit from the BOGO offer!
Hurry, with this promotion, we are expecting our Puppy Socials (16-24 weeks) to be really full this Spring!

Puppy Socials are 25 minutes long and only $29 each. New to When Hounds Fly? Apply for Admission today and see you this week!

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