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Updated August 25, 2021:
Thank you for your interest in Virtual Classes! Due to declining demand for Virtual Options, we are no longer accepting new students for Virtual Group Classes. We will continue to serve clients via 1-on-1 Lessons using Zoom as required/requested by our clients.

Leaders in Live, Interactive, Online Virtual Dog Training Classes Delivered via Video Conference

We were the first in Toronto to respond to the realities of Covid-19 and social distancing, and have been running live, interactive, online virtual dog training classes since March 18th, 2020. We remain committed to our mission of Strengthening Relationships by providing support to enrich and mentally stimulate our students’ dogs, and to be a source of expertise from which they can rely on.

Since 2010, When Hounds Fly has always been an leader in dog training services, bringing innovations such as our commitment to Positive Reinforcement Training, Effective Teaching Methods, and Convenient and Fast Start-Anytime programming.

Even as Covid-19 restrictions lift over time, we will continue to offer Virtual Classes to meet the needs of our community!


Virtual Dog Training Featured in Toronto Life Magazine

Virtual Classes with When Hounds Fly featured in Toronto Life, March 26, 2020


Effective Teaching Methods, Virtually

Over the last ten years, over 10,000 dogs (and their families!) have taken classes or lessons with our team of certified trainers. Our commitment to teaching excellence extends into the virtual classroom.

Small Class Sizes, Same Attention to You and Your Pup

Our cameras are on, and we’re just as able to watch and supervise your training the exact same way we’d do in person. Have a question? Just ask, with your microphone on, we’ll hear your question and give you the answers and feedback our students have come to expect.

Online Dog Trainer via Zoom Webconference

Live, real-time feedback from our team of certified dog trainers.

Enhanced With Multimedia Content

The virtual classroom has some huge advantages! To further enhance our teaching effectiveness, we’ve supplemented our entire curriculum with multimedia content such as PowerPoint slide decks, and pre-recorded video shorts to explain key concepts quickly and succinctly.

online dog training multimedia slides videos

Live Online Classes include Multimedia Content, Enhancing the Experience

“The virtual class was a great alternative during social distancing. We were worried Kylo might have too much time between puppy classes – so this was great to keep him (& us!) in the groove. Stephanie was great with instructing & answering any questions we had.”

Support from Our Instructors and Our Community

Getting a new puppy, adopting a new rescue dog, or dealing with behaviour issues with your dog is hard enough – don’t do it alone.

Our students appreciate having the opportunity to connect with our team of experienced, qualified, and certified instructors, whether it’s in the context of a live, online group training class, or through personalized 1-on-1 training.

Our Puppy Socialization students are also able to partake in our 20-minute Puppy Parties at all three of our Toronto locations – fulfilling an urgent need for inter-puppy socialization that can’t be satisfied with online learning alone.

Additionally, our community supports each other through our exclusive Official Alumni Facebook Group, our students can connect outside of the classroom.

100% Risk Free, with our Virtually Delighted Guarantee

The feedback we’ve received from our virtual classroom has been amazing – we’re so confident in our ability to deliver that we proudly offer this guarantee:

“If you feel like you didn’t receive the value you deserved from a Virtual Consultation or Lesson, simply write into us explaining in detail how we missed the mark*, and we will deliver a make-up in-person class or lesson at no charge (either at our schools, or in-home service area)”


(*Within 72 hours of the lesson, we want feedback promptly!)



Get Started Today with Virtual Dog Training!

If you want 1-on-1 personal training for basic issues, sign up for Foundation Skills 1-on-1s.

If you have behaviour issues categorized as fear, anxiety, reactivity, or aggression, we offer Behaviour Modification services.

If you’re not sure or you’d like some guidance, check out our 30-Minute Phone Consultations.