The Admissions Process

Step One: Send in your application form!

Please ensure all of your contact information is accurate. No need to specify location – you’ll have access to all of them.

Have proof of your dog’s vaccinations on hand to attach: a picture, a file, or a screenshot of an email from your vet.
Don’t have the vaccinations yet? Please apply anyways, we’ll get them from you later!
Have a dog from overseas? Please ensure you send in proof of a vet check in Canada!


Step Two: Wait for our response!

We will get back to you within 24 hours (in most cases). We may send off your next steps right away, or we may have follow-up questions and suggestions for you.



Step Three: Attend New Student Orientation!

Once you’re admitted, book & attend our live, virtual (Zoom) New Student Orientation. Here we go over all the important information to know before attending classes: schedules, policies, what to bring, and of course a low-down on dog behaviour and training theory.

Please note, Orientation is a interactive virtual lecture (not a training session), and is meant for humans only.



Step Four: Book In!

Once we’ve confirmed your attendance at Orientation, we’ll send off your login information. This will allow you to sign on to our schedules, pay for your classes, and book.

Before you pay, please ensure you are up to date with our policies, and our schedule availability for each location. We will also go over this during Orientation.


OK, I’m Ready To Go!

Admissions Form for In-Person Group Classes (Toronto, All Facilities)

Apply for Admission