Pups and Pints: A Successful Night at The Redwood Theatre

We’re pleased to announce that Sunday night’s event was a success! Past and present students of When Hounds Fly gathered at The Redwood Theatre for a fun night filled with smiles, tail wags, treats, pints, and socialization. The proceeds of the night were happily given to Bullies in Need.

The pups of the evening impressed us all with their leash skills! They settled, stayed, greeted politely, and socialized respectfully — all skills they learned in their Foundation Skills Levels 1 & 2 classes. Some of the dogs even showed off their agility jumping skills! 

We were lucky to be joined by a group of One Health Partners‘ therapy dogs (Charlie, Juno, Golu, and Milo) and their companions. One Health spent the evening making new friends and spreading awareness of their mission as well as the importance of therapy dogs.

Additionally, CTV News Toronto made an appearance and offered to share a story about the event on their 11 o’clock news. Founder Andre Yeu as well as guests from the event appeared in the segment to promote dog-friendly events and encourage more venues to welcome dogs into their spaces.

We’d like to thank The Redwood Theatre, One Health Partners, CTV News Toronto, and all of those who attended for allowing the event to surpass our expectations and helping us raise money for Bullies In Need. To those who couldn’t make it and to those who can’t wait to do it all again, stay tuned for our next collaboration!

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