Masks Stay After March 21, 2022

Important Announcement!
After consulting with the entire instructor team, and polling our current and alumni students, and looking at supporting evidence, we are making the decision to continue requiring all participants of our group classes to wear a facemask covering the nose, mouth, and chin.
Like many institutions, such as Ontario universities, we are erring on the side of caution at this time until the effects of lifting restrictions can be assessed in phased approaches. That, coupled with the fact that by mid-April, we will be able to open windows and doors to increase ventilation at our facilities, inform our decision.
Trust us, it’s not easy to teach class for hours while wearing a mask! We can’t wait for the *right* time to no longer require masks in our group classes.
We will revisit the policy on a week-by-week basis and keep everyone updated.
See you in school soon!

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