Internship Dog Trainer Program at When Hounds Fly

Applications will be accepted for our 2022 series starting in June 2022.

Internship Program

If you have a passion for helping others strengthen their relationship with their pet dogs, and you think teaching at When Hounds Fly would be your dream job, this program is for you.
When Hounds Fly’s Internship program is a 4 month program where you will join a cohort of likeminded people to gain the applied skills and theoretical knowledge needed to become a top-tier instructor of basic pet dog training classes.

Upon completion, successful interns will be considered for our Apprenticeship program, where while being paid to teach at our facilities, training and mentoring will continue to further develop skill to teach more advanced classes and handle more complicated behaviour cases with pet dog owners.

Applications will be accepted for our 2022 series starting in June 2022.

Ideal Candidates

  • Have prior experience working hands on with a variety of dogs.
  • Have existing education on the use of positive reinforcement in dog training, through books, videos, online courses, and of course, taking dog training classes themselves using positive reinforcement/clicker training
  • Have hands on experience with dogs, through either an existing positive-reinforcement based training program, or related work such as as a dog walker, boarder, daycare worker, or through rescue/shelter/fostering work.
  • Are comfortable in front of crowds and speaking in public!

Program Requirements

Successful applicants for the Internship program must commit to:
  • Twice weekly attendance to learn in the live classroom at one of our three facilities in Toronto
  • Complete extensive reading and viewing lists, as well as written and oral assignments to test comprehension
  • Participate in online discussion groups with your cohort and senior instructor
  • Participate in 10 half-day in-person workshops facilitated by one of our senior instructors at one of our facilities in Toronto, to be scheduled once weekly on Saturdays.
  • Have access to a pet dog for training and periodic show-and-tells at the in-person workshops
  • Complete a practical and theoretical skills assessment towards the end of the program

Program Learning Objectives:

Successful interns can expect to leave this program with:
  • Confidence and ability to teach in-person group classes such as Puppy Socialization and Foundation Skills
  • Confidence and ability to deliver that content in-person via 1-on-1 lessons
  • Sufficient knowledge of applied behaviour analysis to troubleshoot many common pet dog owner challenges
  • Sufficient knowledge of clicker training to skillfully train pet dogs to perform many behaviours
  • Sufficient knowledge of teaching techniques to coach pet dog owners to do the same

Compliance with Employment Standards Act

Our Internship program is truly about providing training and learning opportunities that exist no where else, to help create the next generation of talented, positive reinforcement-based dog trainers. As such, this program meets all the conditions of an Internship as specified by the ESA:

  1. The training is similar to that which is given in a vocational school;
  2. The training is for the benefit of the individual;
  3. The person providing the training derives little, if any, benefit from the activity of the individual while he or she is being trained;
  4. The individual does not displace employees of the person providing the training;
  5. The individual is not accorded a right to become an employee of the person providing the training; and
  6. The individual is advised that he or she will receive no remuneration for the time that he or she spends in training.

How to Apply:

Please send in a cover letter, and resume, and a training video reel link (posted on YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) to

and also complete our online Topgrading Career History Form (Web Form)


About When Hounds Fly

Since 2010, over 12000 dogs (and their families!) have taken dog training classes with us. We are proud to offer the highest quality instruction and classroom experience for Toronto dog owners that want the very best for their pups. Our mission is to strengthen relationships between pet dogs and their owners by providing outstanding owner-education on humane training and behaviour modification techniques.

One of our core values is to Welcome Diversity, and we welcome all people to be their authentic selves both in our classroom and on our team. This includes, but is not limited to, welcoming people of all age, creed, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, ability, race, or place of origin.