Foundations Field Trip – Youthful Vengeance Cafe July 13, 2024

jack russell dog at cafe patio

(Photo Credit: @caperswitholive)

Join our Foundations Field Trip at Youthful Vengeance Cafe and Gallery on July 13, 2024 at 10:00AM!

Calling all Puppy Start Right and Foundation Skills Level 1 students (current or graduates within the last 6 months)! We’re hosting a Foundations Field Trip on Saturday July 13, 2024 and we want to see you there!

Let’s practice training so that our dogs can settle quietly by our feet, remain calm and collected even though there’s people and other dogs nearby, and be perfect canine citizens when we’re ordering our coffee at the counter.

Important Details:

Who can attend: Puppy Start Right & Foundation Skills Level 1 graduates (past 6 months) or current students

Dog Requirements: Must be comfortable eating food outdoors, be safe around other dogs and people, and be fully up-to-date on vaccinations.

Focus: Settling, polite greetings, waiting for your return, and calm socialization.

Location: Youthful Vengeance Cafe and Gallery, 1110 Dundas Street West

Price: $58 (Price includes 2 beverages at the cafe. Up to two people can attend per dog)

Instructor: Andre Yeu

This is a great opportunity for your dog to:

    • Practice settling and polite greetings in a new environment

    • Learn how to wait calmly while their human grabs a drink

    • Practice neutral socialization (no active playing) in an indoor cafe environment

In addition to your usual class equipment (variety of treats, treat pouch, clicker, appropriate leash and harness, and food pacifier) also bring a portable mat for practicing your dog’s settle behaviour.

Limited Spots Available! And they are filling up fast so don’t miss your chance.

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