Ecovacs Deebot N79 and N79S – Red Light and Four Beeps Error

We own a total of three Ecovacs Deebot N79 / N79S robot vacuum cleaners and we use them daily at When Hounds Fly.

As a dog training school, upwards of 30 different dogs may come per day for classes. It’s a LOT of fur and dander and lint and sand and dust!

Despite this, our N79s were giving us great service for many months until suddenly they all started giving the “Red Auto Light / Four Beep” error.

They would run for about 2 minutes and suddenly stop dead in its tracks and give off the error.

Initially our research showed it was a battery issue. So, we spend weeks playing with charging dock positions, cleaning the charge contacts, etc. and nothing seemed to stick.

After a while I had a guess that it was due to hair/fur accumulation in the beater brush and after giving it a thorough cleaning, I was really happy to see the robots perform again good as new.

All it takes is removal of four tiny phillips screws (Update on 6/20/2019 – You don’t actually have to unscrew the clean that piece, it’s not critical), and a flathead screw driver to help with removing the front wheel. I shot a video of me cleaning one of our Deebot N79 vacuums for you to see.

Hope this helps and keeps your Deebot working for many years to come and out of the landfill!

*Update on 6/20/2019* – One of our three Deebots actually stopped working, even after thorough cleaning. I logged a ticket with Ecovacs support and after going through some basic troubleshooting, they authorized me to send it back for a warranty replacement. But, before going through that hassle, honestly, just try thoroughly cleaning your Deebot and you may be surprised!*

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  1. Thanks so much for this video. The four beeps were driving me nuts. I had cleaned the brushes as well as I could from the bottom. I had no idea the screws meant “user serviceable.” this was nine glorious minutes of enlightenment.

    1. We jhad it stop every few minute beeping, too. Tried cleaning, battery. Everything. Put new batteries in the remote and works like a charm now

  2. hi I have a deebot to and suddenly it’s doing the same thing. I can actually remove the central brush without removing the plastic cover. It just pops. I clean the brush emptied out the lint trap clean the side brushes. And it still gives me the error.

    1. I just took the Deebot apart for this exactt reason. Cleaned the brush assembly (didn’t see a reason to take those 4 small screws out as it looks like they are only there to replace the rubber beading if it rots.) Still the same error. THEN .. I removed one of the two rotating brushes and there was a length of Xmas tree tinsel and some dog hairs wrapped around it, slowing it down, obviously. Removed and replaced the second one and cleaned that too. Voila! Working a treat again.

        1. There’s a video on YouTube that shows how to take it apart and client the motor.
          Try that. It looks complex but I’d recommend you just follow directions

          1. Guessing this is what I have to do with mine. Tried everything else. Cleaned all wheels, brushes, lubricated, cleaned detection windows, unplugged battery and plugged it back in. Turned off and on multiple times. I was hoping to reset it, but it doesn’t seem to have a reset. Still stops after three minutes and beeps incessantly. Glad I paid a guy $10 for it. Said it worked great before this.

          2. Found out the issue with mine. The issue is impaired ability to roll. To fix this, take the main roller out and clean out the area where the wheels sit. There was a ton of tightly spiraled dog hair in there. Especially the side that spins the roller. Also, take out the steering ball (it pops out easily with a small screwdriver), and lean the hair out of there.

    2. Same issue here…I dug a little deeper. The rubber around the wheels can pull to the side and there are cutouts in the wheel frame. I found fuzzy cat fur clogged up inside the wheel. I pulled it out with tweezers, put the rubber back, spun the wheel a little, pulled the rubber back and continued the process on both wheels until there wasn’t any fuzzy cat fur left. It’s running like a dream again.

    3. Did you find the resolution? For me it still gives the red auto light plus 4 beeps error on charging dock. I have cleaned each and every brush.

  3. What a generous offering to take the time and do this … both for other dog owners with busy deebots… but also for the planet for keeping these little robots out of the trash. Thank you!

  4. So mine did that. I cleaned it really well and was still getting the error. When I flipped it over I noticed that the main brush was not spinning well. I ordered and replaced the main brush motor. Now it’s good as new?

      1. when my main brush stopped, i noticed one the wires on the brush motor circuit card was loose. I re-soldered it and the brush spins again

  5. thanks for video, followed the cleaning as well as cleaning the motor but it did not resume. please update if ecovac charged you for the warranty replacement? mine is under 12 months, from Canada.

      1. My is under 12 months old, I have everything everyone has said and still I have the red beeping alarm. Can someone tell me the phone number as to were I call for a replacement

  6. Didn’t work for me. There’s actually a twitter thread about this reoccurring issue:

    I contacted customer service, who suggested:
    1. Place the Deebot on the charging dock. Turn Off the main power switch and after 5 seconds, turn it On ( l ) again. Press the auto button. Make sure the blue light is on.
    2. Press and hold down the Auto button until you hear 3 beeps.

    Didn’t work, so then they suggested:
    1. Please unscrew the battery plate that is located underneath your Deebot. (In between the 2 side brushes.)
    2. Completely disconnect the battery from the unit. Leave it disconnected for about 15 minutes.
    3. Inspect the wires and contact for any breakage and buildup.
    4. Please assemble everything together and give your robot a test run.
    5. Relocate the charging station.

    This didn’t work, and because the warranty expired 4 months ago, there’s nothing they can do.

  7. Thank you! I have been frustrated for literally months and I think mine is fixed and working like it should again! Thank you!

  8. Worked like a charm! I had enough pet hair in there to make a toupee for a Shar pei. I found a pet comb works great for cleaning all the brushes.

  9. Thanks so much for this bit of information. I love my evac but it was driving me insane how it kept stopping after a minute or two of use. I cleaned it all up and now it’s working as it should be! Oh happy day!

  10. I had the same issue. I removed and cleaned two edge brushes and the directional wheel. There was a lot of hair in there. Running perfect again.

  11. When my deebot n79 starts beeping and not wanting to move very far or clicking like a gear is skipping, it’s due to dog hair in the motor assembly. The rotation of the brush moves the hair to the end of the beater where it works it’s way into the motor. There is a rubber belt that drives the wheels. It’s easy to remove (1 screw) and then take off the plate covering the gear box. Clean out the fur and fluff put it back together and it will work again.

  12. Great video. My issue turned out to be just the front wheel clogged with hair that I found once I took the wheel off. Turned on the vacuum and it worked great.

  13. Thank you so much for this! I have been trying to figure out for months why I had to chase it around and keep restarting it. My problem was more so the front wheel had too much hair around it. This thing has amazed me again!

  14. This was exactly what my Deebot needed! Mine has been broken for over 6 months after being too frustrated with how to fix it! Everything the company told me didn’t work until I found this article. Thank you!

  15. Thanks! This did the trick for mine also.
    The App really should indicate what the problem was.
    It was driving me nuts!

  16. Omg thank YOU!!! I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it and the app was NOT telling me. My Marvin (we named our deeboot) is up and running again! God forbid I would I have sweep my own house again. Lol
    You definitely jst made my day

  17. Thank you for y our post. I was getting the 4 beeps and just kept hitting the auto button to have it start again. I took the brush out and both ends had hair wrapped tight. (I have a sheltie, long hair…) After cleaning and putting it back together, no more beeping. I didn’t realize this also was causing it to not pick up as much as it normally did. Back in action now.

  18. I had this same error and replaced the rotating brush with one from a replacement kit I purchased for $20 on Amazon and it works like a dream! You don’t even need to unscrew or use any tools – it just pops open. I changed the filters at the same time and it’s running perfectly.

  19. I did everything you said and even blew it with an air compressor. Amazing the hair and dust. I have replaced the brushes, filter, and each yellow wheel with brushes on the side. Still getting the 4 beeps and red light comes on. I turn it off and on and still no luck.

  20. ***Take out & clean the brush side ball-joint out! Worked after it would stop randomly in it’s tracks 2-3 min after it running. Tried numerous different things and even cleaned out the motor after completely gutting the machine – but the ball joint on the brush did the trick finally!

  21. Appreciate your post as between it and one of the YouTube links others posted it got my daughter’s going again. The basic cleaning did not take care of things and I noticed that it was difficult to even turn the main brush by hand. In the second YouTube link above in the reply from Alex (on Nov 25 2020) they described how to access the main brush drive motor and check and clean around its shaft but after doing that it was still very difficult to even turn the motor itself by hand so I lubed both ends of the shaft/bearings with some light penetrating oil which really freed it up and after reassembly the vacuum works great again. So if your main brush doesn’t feel very free to turn after cleaning check out that video and maybe oil the motor bearings a little. As he speculates in the video, I agree it seems there is something monitoring either an RPM or current draw somewhere and when things get too stiff it decides to shut down with the 4 beeps and red light. The disassembly is quite straightforward per the video and the whole process only took me 10 to 15 minutes.

  22. You don’t have to take out the 4 screws you just depress the 2 clips and the brush guard pops right off numb nuts.

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