Flash Sale! Foundation Skills 10% Off Till Canada Day 2022

To celebrate this Canada Day, we’re having a sale!

Worried about missing a class?

Our dog training classes are Start Anytime, so even if you’re away for a few cottage trips, you can jump back in when you return. The foundation skills program includes 6 modules that can be taken in any order, at any location, with any instructor, as long as they are completed within 3 months. That means you’ll have an array of daytime, evening, and weekend classes to choose from until the end of September. Loads of time to fit those 6 classes in.

With a maximum of 4 dogs per foundation skills class, you’ll get plenty of attention from our certified instructors. The program covers all the skills your dog will need for your summer social events! Polite greetings, coming when called, and walking on a loose leash are all covered in detail.

Check out more details on the curriculum here.

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