Booking and Cancellation Policy Change – Effective Monday, June 8, 9:00AM

Changes to our Booking Policy Effective Monday, June 8, 9:00AM

We’re just five days into our post-lockdown re-opening journey, and we thank everyone for their patience regarding getting into our classes.

We’re navigating uncharted waters and learning as we go. And, we realize that while in principle the 3-hour booking window made sense – to keep people from feeling conflicted about coming to class even though they might be symptomatic or Covid-19 positive, and to allow us to short-notice cancel classes if one of us became symptomatic or positive, we realize now that it makes it very difficult for our students to plan their programs, and it actually makes it very difficult for us to forecast demand for classes and modules.

So, learning from this, we’re making the following changes to our Booking Policy. This change will come into effect on Monday, June 8, at 9:00AM, to give everyone, including us, time to get ready.

  1. A “skeleton” class calendar will be published four weeks in advance at a time for all our locations and our Virtual Classes.
  2. The booking window will be extended to 14 full days before the start of a class, allowing people to plan two weeks at a time.
  3. As slots become full, we will backfill additional spots to meet the needs of our students, or possibly remove unfilled spots that are not in demand. So, check periodically as additional spots are added, or as people withdraw and change their bookings.
  4. The cancellation window will be set at 24 hours. Cancellations must be performed via self-service by students using their own logins; we will not accept emails requesting us to cancel on your behalf.
  5. If you are unable to attend class due to any reason, and it is greater than 24 hours before the commencement of your class, please remove yourself via self-service to free up spots for other students.
  6. With less than 24 hours notice, you cannot withdraw or reschedule or get your credit back, with one exception: You become Covid-19 symptomatic, or it is discovered you have been exposed to Covid-19, we will return a class credit at no penalty if the following three conditions are met:
  • You notify us via email prior to the start of the class you were to attend (not after) that you are at risk of transmitting Covid-19
  • You supply documentation of test results at a Covid-19 testing centre
  • You use self-service and remove yourself from any other classes that you may have booked that fall within the recommended 14 day self-isolation period

We hope that these changes in policy to our booking and cancellation window help everyone get into their classes, make it easier for us to anticipate demand (and schedule accordingly), and also still keep our classroom environment safe during this pandemic.


Stay safe, be well, and see you in school soon.


The When Hounds Fly Team

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