Dog Tricks Class

Tricks Class


Prerequisites:  Completion of Foundation Skills at When Hounds Fly.  Dogs trained from other facilities may be accepted at our discretion. All dogs must be clicker savvy and motivated to work.

What you and your dog will get from this class:

  • A dog that’ll be the life of the party wherever you go!
  • A training challenge for both you and your dog – your capturing and shaping skills will be put to the test!
  • Foundation skills that lead to many other paths such as Canine Freestyle or Disc Dog.


Dogs that already know basic versions of these behaviours may work on more advanced versions, focusing on enhancing precision, latency, and speed, and introducing duration and distance, or cue minimization/transfers to verbal cues.

Cost: $160 per dog plus HST

For details regarding class/training policies, please see our Policy page.


Locations Offered