Choosing a Dog Training School

Karen Pryor Visits When Hounds Fly

Karen Pryor Visits When Hounds Fly

You’ve got a lot of choice about where to go for dog training expertise.

So, why choose us?

First, read this article by the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior – How to Choose a Dog Trainer

And, here are five reasons:

1. Start ANY Time Programs

Unlike other schools that have rigid start dates and require a committing to a single day and time week after week – new students join us at any time. Start Any Time programs include Puppy Socialization at Dundas West, Pape Village, and North Toronto, and Foundation Skills at Dundas West and Pape Village.

To get started, complete our Enrollment Form and once we review it, we’ll confirm your enrollment and send you instructions on next steps.

2. Start Any Time Programs have Flexible Schedules

Our Start Any Time programs uses a non-linear syllabus, meaning each student works on each lesson at their own pace, and the lessons can be taught in any order. By signing up for the program, you’re given ample time to complete the program and reserve classes on dates and times you want. This takes the pressure off you and your dog to “keep up” with a class, or, for quick learners, enables you to progress onto more challenging behaviours.

This means that being away for a week doesn’t mean you lose – you can just simply double up on classes when you return to catch up!

3. Convenient Locations

We have two locations – one in Dundas West (Dundas West at Ossington, steps away from Trinity Bellwoods), and the other in Pape Village (Pape Avenue at Cosburn). Both are easily accessible by car (and have on-street, side-street, and parking lots nearby) and TTC.


4. Outstanding Training and Effective Results

Utilizing the techniques developed and advocated by Karen Pryor (, our force-free methods are safe for all family members, strengthen (not damage) your relationship with your dog, and are scientifically proven to be the most effective.

We first opened our doors for classes in January 2010. Since then, over 3000 dogs and their families have taken classes at When Hounds Fly. Most of our new students are referrals from past students, veterinarians, and other pet industry professionals. Our reputation and success is built upon the success of our students!

Read about our training methods here.

Read some of our testimonials here.

5. Top Instructors

We were the first school to really bring serious clicker training to Toronto – three years later, everyone else is jumping on the clicker bandwagon. But not all dog trainers using clickers are created equal. All the instructors at When Hounds Fly are either Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partners (KPACTP), or have their Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) designation, or both, so we are proud to maintain the highest standards of instruction of any school in Toronto.

Read more about our instructors here.

Still not sure?

Contact us and let us know what questions you have. Or, if you’ve like to come audit a class and see for yourself, we’ve love to have you visit.