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Frequently Asked Questions (General)

Which program should I take?
How do I join group classes?

Complete the Online Admissions process:

How do I get private lessons?

Review the details here and complete the Online application process.

Private Lessons

Application Process

Do you use clickers and food in your training?

Yes! Please read more about our training methods here:

Do class modules have to be taken in order?

Puppy Socialization: No, they can be taken in any order!

Foundation Skills: Yes, take Module 1 first, 2-5 in any order, then finish with 6 and then 7.

Do I have to take all the modules?

Students are free to use class credits as they wish, but if you don't take all the modules, you'll be missing content components that we feel are really important.

Can multiple family members come to classes?

To comply with rules regarding adequate Physical Distancing during the Covid-19 Pandemic, we permit up to 2 humans per dog. For example, that could be two adults, or one adult with one child.

Are there last minute cancellations?

For students in the admissions process (you've applied already, right?), you're welcome review the Orientation calendar link we sent you for last minute cancellations. For current students attending class, look at the calendar regularly as we add additional class spots as demand increases, and people do withdraw from classes from time to time.

Do you maintain waitlist for classes?

Unfortunately, due to the number of classes/slots/programs we run, we do not.

I missed a class I booked. Can I get a credit back for free?

No, we regret that our cancellation policy is 24 hours through online cancellation, classes booked but not attended are forfeit. You are welcome to buy additional a-la carte credits on the class calendar to book your own makeup though.

I booked an Orientation spot but I can't make it anymore. How do I cancel and rebook?

Just send us an email directly advising when you can't come, and use your booking link to book an alternate date. Thank you very much for the heads up!


Hours of Operation:

Please note that we are only open for scheduled classes for existing students, therefore, if you are interested in signing up for classes or lessons, please follow the Admissions Processes found throughout our web site. If you have a question not answered by our web site, please use our general contact form.

Phone Number: ???-???-????

We don’t have an office with a full time receptionist, instead opting to have everything available to our prospective and current students online and via self-service. We focus on adding value by actually teaching our clients and their dogs, versus answering questions that can be found on our web site.




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I’m Ready to Start!

Great! Review our web site and find which service you’re interested in, and commence the online Admissions process. 

I have a question:

Please make sure to review our web site and Frequently Asked Questions first. We prioritize new students who review our web site and go through the online Admissions process, so we regret questions through our general contact form may take a while for us to get to.