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Hours of Operation:

Please note that we are only open for scheduled classes for existing students, therefore, if you are interested in signing up for classes or lessons, please follow the Admissions Processes found throughout our web site. If you have a question not answered by our web site, please use our Help widget (lower right corner).

Phone Number: ???-???-????

We don’t have an office with a full time receptionist, instead opting to have everything available to our prospective and current students online and via self-service. We focus on adding value by actually teaching our clients and their dogs, versus answering questions that can be found on our web site.




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Great! Review our web site and find which service you’re interested in, and commence the online Admissions process. 

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Please note that all our prices, admissions requirements, and admissions forms are online. You don’t have to send in a general question to start training with us. Just sign up!

In the event a question is not answered on our web site, please use the Help widget in the lower right corner of each page on our web site.