The Applications Process for Private Lessons


Step One: During the Covid-19 Pandemic, lessons can be delivered indoors (while all parties wear non-medical face coverings), outdoors in open spaces within our service area, or virtually via video conference.


Step Two: Fill out the online Application Form for Private Lessons, specifying your preferences for location of lessons, instructor preferences, etc. (Hint: The form is at the bottom of this page)


Step Three: Please allow up to 48 hours for us to review your Application Form. We will route your application form to the appropriate instructor for followup.


Step Four: We’ll email you back with instructions on how to access our online bookings calendar to reserve your private lesson(s), and include other important paperwork (for Fear, Anxiety, and Aggression matters, we will need a completed Canine Behaviour History Form, it’ll be referenced in the email).

Step Five: Once you book your appointment(s), we’ll receive the appointment requests, approve them, and send back instructions on how to pay for your private lesson package.

Step Six: Payment can be made online with Paypal, a Credit Card, or we can accept Email Money Transfer. Payments can be also made in person at either of our facilities (by appointment). We regret that payment is required in advance to finalize your bookings.


Step Seven

Step Seven: In the days leading up to your appointment, we will be in touch via email with additional instructions to prepare for your lesson.

OK, I’m Ready to Go!

Application Form for Private Lessons

Application Form for Private Lessons