Group Classes Suspended Till April 8

Group Classes have been suspended since Tuesday, March 17, and in line with the Province’s State of Emergency/Non-Essential Businesses to Close order, Group Classes and In-Person Private Lessons will not be offered until at least April 8th.

As a small business that only provides services, we’ve been hit very hard. We are taking close to zero revenue during this time, yet we have rent and salary to still pay. We’ve already had to make sacrifices to stay afloat. And we need the support of our student community to make it through.

How Can We Help You Till April 8th?

Just because the economy and in-person business is on hold, doesn’t mean training and behaviour issues with your dog are on pause.  And that  doesn’t mean we can’t serve you! Here’s how we’re helping our clients during this time:

New Students Joining Group Classes?

New Admissions Forms for group classes will be accepted and we will begin delivering New Student Orientations via Zoom. Then, our new students will be able to join us in our virtual Puppy Socialization and Foundation Skills classes, and transition back to the in-school locations at the appropriate time. Payment and Vaccination Paperwork will be done online as well.


Existing Students Enrolled in Group Classes?

Students booked into group classes slots till April 8th have had their credits restored to their account. All class registrations from April 9th and beyond are still intact.

Use those credits in our Virtual Classes! Those credits in your account are the same ones used to reserve full spots in our daily Virtual Classes. Don’t let your dog’s training languish or fall behind. Here are some important considerations:

  • Puppy Socialization students are encouraged to take Virtual Puppy Socialization classes, as there’s so much important content in that program that helps you avoid serious behaviour issues down the road such as aggression over food and toys, fear aggression towards dogs and strangers, and separation anxiety, plus help with nipping and biting.
  • Missing Out On Socialization? Don’t worry, as soon as we are able to re-open, we will be running Party Party times so students that elected to take their puppy classes Virtually will be invited to attend gatherings with other puppy students in our facilities, under our supervision, at no charge. This will allow us to still provide you with the puppy-to-puppy socialization component of our program. And, there’ll be treats for humans and the pups!
  • Puppy Socialization students can also elect to use their credits to take Foundation Skills classes if they wish to simply skip ahead to more advanced training at this time, we are relaxing the age requirement for Foundation Skills classes when taken virtually.
  • Foundation Skills students – you might actually find the Virtual training experience is better, as without the distraction of the classroom environment, people, and other dogs, you’ll be able to teach behaviours more effectively. You should definitely be taking these classes right now!
  • As soon as we re-open for classes at our locations, carry on your classes and book. Don’t worry about your puppy being too old, if that’s the case, you can transfer your credits and take Foundation Skills classes. And don’t worry about credit expiration dates, during this time we will be very generous with extensions so you can carry on with classes.
  • Wellesley Animal Hospital students – We’ll be in touch with you directly to see what makes sense for each and every one of your specific situations!

“The virtual training was a great success and very helpful. We felt it was just as helpful as being there in person.  Instructions were clear and easy to follow and we got great one on one feedback. Thank you for making this possible.”

Virtually Delighted Guarantee

We recognize that you may have some reservations about using webconferencing for lessons, we want to take the risk away. That’s why we’re offering this guarantee:

“If you feel like you didn’t receive the value you deserved from a Virtual Consultation or Lesson, simply write into us explaining in detail how we missed the mark*, and we will deliver a make-up in-person class or lesson at no charge (either at our schools, or in-home service area)”


(*Within 72 hours of the lesson, we want feedback promptly!)

The virtual class was a great alternative during social distancing. We were worried Kylo might have too much time between puppy classes – so this was great to keep him (& us!) in the groove. Stephanie was great with instructing & answering any questions we had.”

Virtual Group Classes

Virtual Group Classes run daily, where we will still answer your questions, supervise your training and give you feedback, with the same attention to detail you’ve come to expect in our in-person group classes:

Virtual Group Class Microsite here:


“Erin did an awesome job of keeping the class upbeat and moving while using a very different delivery method!”

30-Minute Phone Consults

Phone Consults have been a popular option for those who just want an expert to discuss a single topic, and to encourage everyone to try this option, we are now offering them at 25% off the regular price (Regular price is $50, now only $37.50 plus HST)

30 Minute Phone Consultations

Foundation Skills 1-on-1 Private Virtual Lessons

Foundation Skills In-Home Lessons are also available virtually if you want help with training, or to get support with your new puppy. We just need to see you and your dog on webcam!

Foundation Skills In-Home

Behaviour Modification Services for Fear, Anxiety and Reactivity

Lastly, if you are struggling with a fearful or reactive dog, our behaviour modification services are still available via remote delivery. The format works, because our services have always been about dog owner training (dog training is a misnomer!)

Dog Behaviorist Toronto – Reactivity, Fear, Anxiety, Aggression Problems


We are here to support you and your dog to fulfill our mission of Strengthening Relationships during this time!



Andre Yeu

Founder, When Hounds Fly


PS. Not sure how to socialize a puppy without socialization classes? Get our advice here:

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  1. Hi, we have just got a new puppy today. Looking for some in home lessons ( we were going to do groups lessons). We have a dogs previously (although it’s been a few years!), but would love guidance. I am especially concerned about getting him socialized during this time period!

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