Best Dog Training Toronto

If you’re looking for the best dog training in Toronto, look no further. Over 1600 dogs (and their owners, of course!) have taken classes with When Hounds Fly since we opened in January 2010. Our reputation in the community, amongst other dog industry professionals, and the veterinary community is second to none. You can view our many reviews at our Google Places page here.

Testmonials and Reviews

  • Jose the ChihuahuaAs a new parent to a 3 year old completely untrained and previously abused Chihuahua, I didn't know where to start. This was my first small dog and all training methods that had worked with the bigger breeds I'd owned didn't work AT ALL. After doing loads of research I came across When Hounds Fly and thought that positive reinforcement seemed like the best approach... and it was the best choice I could have made both for my dog and myself. I had moments where I wasn't sure I would ever be able to communicate with my dog, and Andre was there to bridge the gap and show us the way. This method increases the bond between you and your dog as it uses trust and faith (and, of course, rules). Your dog will thank you and the bond between you as a result of this method of training (and Andre's guidance) will last a lifetime.
    Lucky, Owner of Jose, Chihuahua, Rescue
  • Buffy Jack Russell TerrierAndre practices the "clicker/positive training method" which is hard to find in Toronto. I have called other schools claiming to use clicker and positive training, and they have been a joke, just old school aggressive training tactics dressed up as clicker training. Andre's classes are the real genuine article. His methods are gentle and yield great results. If you are looking for positive training - this is the school for you and your puppy. The class sizes are small and intimate and your dog will benefit greatly from the socialization in a safe, controlled environment alongside gentle, caring training methods. I highly recommend this dog training school!
    Sandra, Owner of Buffy, Jack Russell Terrier
  • Frankie the Boston TerrierFirst, you learn the most exciting and loving method to train your dog--positive reinforcement. Second, you learn that this method is the foundation for a lifetime of joy and friendship--something you can't put a price on. The school is really clean and their unit-based scheduling is uber compatible with a hectic lifestyle. My puppy and I are best friends and I can thank Andre in no small part for helping make that happen.
    Nate, Owner of Frankie, Boston Terrier
  • ScoobyOur dog, Scooby, has always been a sweetheart, but as an energetic and playful pup, he could be pretty unruly at times. With the techniques Andre imparted, Scooby hasn't lost any of his enthusiasm but is a lot easier to manage. I would rate Andre six stars out of five if I could.
    Andrew, Owner of Scooby, German Shepherd Mix, Rescue
  • Beaker the Wheaten TerrierI have now taken several different classes with four doggy "obedience" training organizations in Toronto and When Hounds Fly is my favourite. The experiences we have had here have been so much more productive and fun than at the other places. I wish I had taken classes here from the start but now I know that I will take any and all classes offered here. The other places are good but, when we learn things at When Hounds Fly, it "clicks" and sticks.
    Monisa, Owner of Beaker, Wheaten Terrier
  • Izzy Border CollieThe class size first of all was great - really personalized attention! Andre is a particularly good instructor and it's clear he's in it for the dogs not the money. I had taken another course with a different school and it was really disappointing--too many dogs, too much volume, too many clickers going; it was impossible for me to focus let alone my year old Border Collie. She loved coming to this class and just rocked!
    Diane, Owner of Izzy, Border Collie
  • Buddy Bichon Poodle MalteseMy 5 year old dog was extremely reactive/fear aggressive. His anxiety about other dogs was so bad that I was completely embarrassed to walk him and was at my wits end - he could not see another dog without going into attack mode, even at a good distance. Other trainers gave me impractical advice (be 'calm/assertive' - but how??!) and had me use techniques that did more harm than good. Andre taught me right away how to manage the environment to minimize outbursts, showed me how to redirect my dog's attention with techniques that actually work, and taught me to read my dog's body language so I know the right moments to apply what we've learned. My dog's reactions are now minimal compared to when we started - he is sometimes able to walk right past a dog on the street without noticing them at all, and he has even made a few canine friends, something I never thought we could do. Positive reinforcement really works, my relationship with my dog is stronger and his confidence is much improved (mine too!). Andre is friendly, patient, committed and knowledgeable, and I really enjoyed working with him - I wholeheartedly recommend When Hounds Fly!
    Jessica, Owner of Buddy, Maltese/Poodle/Bichon mix